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There’s a reason why the top PGA, LPGA, MLB and Superbowl-winning athletes work with us.

We specialize in rotational athletes

At our facility on the campus of USC in downtown Los Angeles you are invited to workout alongside other athletes getting the most up-to-date conditioning available tailored specifically for golfers. We are "rotational athlete" specialists, having done numerous years of research on this type of training with results you cannot find anywhere else.

What is a rotational athlete? We explain it on our Research Page.

How we work:

When you first arrive, we will take you through an assessment that will determine your strengths and weakness and then tailor your personalized workout accordingly. This includes utilizing the Velocity Shafts™ as well as other fitness protocols to build functional strength, speed, stability and flexibility. You will get stronger and decrease your risk of injury.

Other services offered at our facility:

  • 3D Motion Analysis - A Biomechanical Assessment of Your Swing at 1000fps
  • Nutritional Assessment and Guidance
  • STAR Testing - A Mental / Emotional Evaluation Specifically for Athletes
  • We train athletes from the PGA, NFL, MLB and every level in between. We have been written about in Golf Digest, the LA Times, Sports Illustrated, and we’ve been featured on HBO and many other television shows.

Workout with us

Join a small group or sign up for one-on-one workouts with us. We hold all workouts, clinics and individual sessions at our facility in Santa Ana, California through our partner site, RAC Performance.
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